Need help with your network?

Fix my IT network

Whether you have 3 computers or 50 here at DK Systems we are here to help. We offer IT support to help small to medium sized businesses run more efficiently. Do you find yourself asking can someone help fix my IT network? If so let us help you and your network, so you can spend your time on your business not your IT?

Our IT services include: managed services, server, PC, and network set up and support, IT security and consulting services, web and email hosting, various backup and recovery solutions, and a host of other geeky stuff.

To start, we offer a free network assessment and to go over what your environment needs to run at its best.

At DK Systems we have been in Oak Creek since 1989. We like to say we are the center of your business.

Call today 414-764-4465 our options are 1 to talk to a person or 9 for emergencies.


DK Systems, provides a full range of managed IT services designed to help you reach all your business goals, click below for a free network assessment.

IT Consulting Services

We take care of your business’ IT needs from servers to PCs and everything that connects them.

Your IT Partner

Whether you have 3 computers or 50 we can fix it!  Does your current network seem slow?  We provide a free network assessment for new customers, to help improve the efficiency of your network.  Let us take care of the geeky stuff so you can focus on your business!

IT Managed Services

For a flat rate each month we will maintain and monitor the servers and computers you want, maybe it is all of them or maybe just your server.

Server Support

Is your server running slow? It could be failing hardware, full hard drives, undersized, or outdated. Let us come in and evaluate your servers.

Network Security

Cybersecurity, ransomware, or hackers all sound scary. In security we use the term “defense in layers”, how many layers do you have? Let us take a look and help with HIPAA or PCI compliance.

Cloud Services

The “Cloud” is just another word for Internet.  From server backups to web and email hosting. We have you covered.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Are you backing up your data, is it successful or failing? Do you keep a copy in the cloud or off-site? We offer a variety of backup solutions.