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Free network assessment

Growth in your business is what all business owners would like, but there is a trade-off, focus on your business takes focus away from IT. Let us help you focus on your business by partnering with you to become your Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and IT department. First step our free network assessment, this will both provide of us a better understanding of your existing environment.

Here are a few questions for you to think about:

  • Do you have any short or long-term strategies for the growth of your IT network?
  • What is your oldest piece of IT equipment, whether a computer or a switch?
  • How fast is your Internet, are you getting what you pay for? A quick and easy answer check with Speedtest to determine your speed.
  • Have additions to your IT environment consisted of going to a big box store? This can result in spending hours trying to figure it out how to add to your environment.
  • When did you buy your server and when did you last perform maintenance on it?

Our network assessment is a multi-page document, answering these and many other questions. As a result, you learn where your weaknesses are. From past reviews we uncovered, misconfigured network equipment, servers and computers lacking hard drive space.

If you would like some free advice review our blog, we believe IT should not be a hidden secret.

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