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We Understand How Important Security Is to Your Business

Cybersecurity is the latest buzz word being used for Internet security. It use to consist of just firewalls and antivirus. These are still important, but they have become a small piece of a cybersecurity defense used to protect your network. The traditional threats have evolved, today there are external threats of people outside your network trying to get in and you need to keep an eye on people inside the network.  But did you know according to a recent Verizon study reported insider breaches accounted for a little over 30% of all breaches and threats originate inside the network, these are reported!

At DK Systems we recognize the need to defend our clients from both external and internal threats.  For enhanced protection, we offer our cybersecurity services. These services include risk assessments, vulnerability scans, policy management and security awareness programs. We provide practical guidance and resources to help businesses manage their security and compliance. With DK Systems at your side we work with you to help reduce risks and appropriately respond to threats and incidents. Let us help you with your risk management program, no matter where you are at, we can help.

Risk Assessments

Today security has come into greater focus for a lot of a companies, risk taking is no longer an option. Many companies have made headlines and not in a good way, for example, the Equifax breach, and you were probably impacted. Just trying to keeping up with the new laws and regulations around protecting data can be a full time job. DK Systems will provide an independent security assessments that can be used to check whether your IT systems meet regulatory or contractual requirements. We assist your staff with completing an administrative, physical, and technical security risk assessment of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and sensitive company data. You cannot protect what you do not know about.

Cybersecurity Services

Your business maybe have great protection against external threats, but have you ever stopped to think about internal risks. The only way to know if you are protecting your business is to know what is happening inside your network. This is not pointing blame at someone, in fact a simple breach can happen if someone opens an email attachment they should have not opened. Let us help you reduce your risk of insider threats.

HIPAA or PCI Compliance

All HIPAA regulated organizations (covered entities and business associates) must comply with the regulations regardless of size. HIPAA compliance is an ongoing process, with new issues coming up. Today there are increasing cybersecurity threats, more breaches every day, and increased HIPAA enforcement. Your business cannot afford to be unprepared.

Security Training

As much as you know and trust every employee they can be your weakest link in exposing your IT environment. Here are some examples: accidentally delete a file(s), open an attachment that contains a virus, or visit the wrong web site that contains malware. The best way to minimize “human impact” is through IT security training. Employee security training is the best way to reduce your risk of a data breach. Along with securing your network, we also offer another service IT Security training to help educate your staff on security best practices. We occasionally offer the community an Internet Safety class in the Oak Creek area free of charge.  For non-profit groups  or a city government would like us to present safety tips to your members or residence please contact us, we offer this service for free, Our goal is to help keep everyone safe on the Internet.

Phishing Email Services

Continuous phishing awareness training is needed to keep your employees vigilant in looking for and avoiding malicious links. We can plan simulated phishing attacks to your end users.

In 2013 before phishing concerns Patrick presented at a security conference the importance of preventing phishing attacks. The slides are not available to the general public.

Let us help you reduce your risk from phishing attacks.

Written Information Security Policies and Procedures

Today there is not an industry regulation and government compliance that does not require policies and procedure created to protect your data/environment.  We can help provide templates for your Written Information Security Policies and Procedures that address data security including administrative, physical, and technical safeguards.

For example, if you accept credit cards the PCI requires policies and procedures.  This link is to a 2016 document from the PCI Compliance organization, even in the latest this requirement has not been removed.