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Cloud and Email Services

Web and email hosting

A web presence has become more important than ever to businesses of all sizes. It should include a good website as well as email with your company name in it. DK Systems has been providing web and email services for 10+ years. For email, we offer two options: locally hosted and Microsoft Office 365. Our local hosted is just that hosted in our data center in Oak Creek and is backed up nightly.

Local hosting

We include a wide range of industry standard security best practices to protect your email and website:

Register your domain name.

Provide DNS security, referred to as DNSSEC.

Email security includes: SPF, DMARC, and DKIM records.

With your account you have an option to use CloudFlare, free SSL certificate, backup of sites, and defenses against the bad guys trying to access your account at no additional charge.

Web developers looking to start hosting your own web sites, contact us. We offer a cPanel server, free SSL certificate options, your own public IP, and much more.

To access our web interface click here mail.myrealoffice.com, we do not offer as much disk space as Google and Microsoft but you can be assured we are not reading your email. Call for plan options.

Off-site backup solutions

An off-site backup is becoming more important. Today companies rely heavily on their data and their customers expect them to maintain. If you lose your data how long can you be down before it impacts your business? It maybe a few days.

One solution we offer is a NAS to NAS service. Here is how it works, we set up a NAS in your office to either store data files on or do backups to, we maintain a duplicate NAS in our data center, at set times we transfer the changes to our data center device. If you were to get a virus or another disaster occurs we have your files off-site, we can deliver the latest version to your office and the recovery begins after the issue has been resolved.

Call to discuss. 414-764-4465 or info @ dk-systems.com

Virtual server or desktop

Is your business keeping you on the go, we can offer a virtual server that allows you to access your information and files from anywhere. Or if you or your staff would like a virtual Windows workstation we can provide that too. How we differ from other local companies our data center is controlled by us, not a company in a foreign country or headquartered out of Seattle or Mountain View.

Call to discuss. 414-764-4465 or info @ dk-systems.com