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TikTok – you know, the big craze for weird dance videos…How much of your data is sitting on TikTok servers right now? Maybe none. How about your kid’s data?  Did you know your kids are a big target for hackers? 

Microsoft may be buying ByteDance…the PARENT app to TikTok.

This is a massive security concern… TikTok has close ties to the CHINESE government. And they love US data! 

If China requests data from ByteDance (And they probably will), the Chinese laws will FORCE ByteDance to turn over a shocking amount of data…data IT IS COLLECTING about us…

Yes, it’s possible ByteDance will be added to the Bureau of Industry and Security Entity list, immediately BANNING it (and TikTok) from American IP and technology…

To bypass this, Microsoft recently stepped forward as a potential purchaser of TikTok. If they follow through, it’s unlikely all breaches will be sealed…Will the Chinese government keep copies of the data they’ve already collected? …No Doubt.

The sale price of TikTok could include your personal information and data. Expect their data to also include everything collected from your employees…those using their own devices for business…YOUR BUSINESS!
So here’s the question…how much is your data worth to you? Expect Microsoft to make a decision by September 15th. Continue Reading HERE.

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