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It is a little bit scary to think about – but some of the websites you visit have been TRACKING you.

Maybe it is not a major problem for your Facebook ads to align with the new furniture you were just browsing on Amazon – but if they keep it up long enough, they can put together a complete profile on you…

Married, three kids, baby on the way, plays golf, uses Apple products, eats organic…how much more do they know? 

Turns out, computers KNOW MORE ABOUT YOU than most of your friends or family…

GOOD NEWS For Apple iPhone Users (And Mac Users) – latest Safari update tells you who knows what about you – pretty handy.

Not only that, you do not have to update your entire Mac iOS if you do not want to. Just pull up your app store and click on Updates. DONE in SECONDS!

After you update, you can open the browser and click on Safari Dropbox > Privacy Report.

Once you have read your privacy report and learned who is tracking you, you will probably want to change some of your browser settings – more security! You can learn more HERE!

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