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Hospitals, retailers, and financial institutions tend to be the targets of choice for the hackers today. But this does not mean you can put your guard down if you are not one of these businesses, hackers are still after your company. In reality any company can find itself in the cross hairs of a hacker.

In early August (~August 6, 2021) a new victim was revealed Taiwanese motherboard manufacturer Gigabyte. There were several things that had occurred:

  1. Manufacturing in Taiwan were shutdown
  2. A few of the company’s web-based systems, including its online support were also brought down.

The investigation into the matter is ongoing and will for some time. According to the article the attack was part of the RansomExx strain of ransomware.

What occurred:

  • Hackers were able to exfiltrate about 112 GB of data
  • The Record was able to obtain some of the data it found on the Dark Web as proof that RansomExx was behind the attack.

The Ransom EXX hackers began in 2017 their first strain was called Defray. In the beginning it was aimed at healthcare and educational institutions. It was not used in many high-profile attacks.

Fast-forward a few years about a year ago RansomExx had developed new malware. This time it was infecting both Windows and Linux based systems. In March 2021 the group started going after VMWare ESXi. VMWare and Linux are commonly used within corporate environments. Some smaller organizations use VMWare to host virtual machines.

Here are a few of the victims of RansomExx:

  • Konica Minolta
  • Tyler Technologies
  • The Montreal transit system
  • The Texas Department of Transportation
  • The Brazilian judiciary.

Do not become the next victim these big organizations have teams of IT staff and IT security professionals keeping an eye on their networks.

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