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IT Staff Assistance

We offer IT assistance to companies with existing IT departments, if you are at a point you are not ready to hire another person, we can help. Our team works with your team.

Developing a partnership with DK Systems offers several benefits:

  • Wider base of resources
  • Backup for in-house technical support during heavy workloads or vacations
  • Greater/additional set of expertise
  • Escalation for more advanced issues
  • Project Management (if needed)

Virtual CIO

Acting as your Chief Information Officer, DK Systems can:

  • Develop a 3-year IT strategy that supports your business goals. This plan, will look at anticipated technology changes, which allows you to better create a budget that suits your IT needs.
  • Ensure that your technology and data is secure, well-managed and in keeping with industry-accepted best practices.

Project Management

Our team of trained technicians are available to assist for your next project. Whether you want to implement an upgrade in your existing equipment or need help with an office move, DK Systems will be there to help your team succeed.