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If you were born after 1997, you grew up inundated with exploding technology. You are probably more tech savvy than your older friends and family members…

You have probably had the older generation ask you to help them with something computer related on more than one occasion.

Which is why it might be shocking to learn – young people are most likely to succumb to scams online, via email and text messaging. 

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Why? Studies are showing – young scam victims suffer from “optimism bias”…meaning they have an overly positive outlook, reducing their sense of vulnerability and causing them to act without precaution.

As Gen Z’s take over the business world, employee awareness training is becoming more critical than ever.

Digital threats are constantly changing – so our education needs to keep up with the threat landscape.

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Cybersecurity experts advise beginning this kind of education during the onboarding/hiring process, and routinely adding to it.