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You know that movie you have been dying to see…but it is not free through any of your subscription services?

So you search for the title + “Full Length Free.”

We have all done it. And it is not just movies. Music…books…games…

Sometimes you find what you are looking for, available on one of those seedy websites with a billion ads. All you have to do is hit “Play” and you are in – SUDDENLY an unwanted download occurs.

Hackers exploit user anticipation. Which is exactly what they are doing right now with Kanye’s newest album, Donda

By seeding the Internet with fake, malicious download links, cybercriminals are gaining access to user data.

Ironically, some of the fake downloads even include user surveys requiring them to prove they are not a robot. Features like these give users a false sense of security, increasing the likelihood they will go through with the download.

Excitement causes users to disregard the sources they are using. An obvious safeguard for situations like this one is to only use trusted sources such as Apple, Google or Spotify. However, “trusted” is not always as  trusted as you would like. Today’s ZERO TRUST computing world demands new technologies designed to detect malicious activities initiated by these types of attacks!

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