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Hackers love private homes. In fact, their favorite spots to hide are most likely in your house…

Not only is your house chock full of personal private information (banking info, personal records, etc.), it is probably also become your workplace at least some of the time in the past two years.

Which means hackers can get your personal stuff AND your business data in one shot. Two birds, one stone.

Recent studies show favorite hiding places include…

  • Your Home PC or desktop computer
  • Your wireless printer – of course, connected to your computer and maybe your phone
  • Your cable modems – specifically when used to play games
  • Network connected door-locks
  • Your HVAC system (no kidding…really?)

(Read a more extensive article here)

Why would a hacker care about your air conditioning or your door locks? 

All of these third-party systems are connected using your main network – meaning attackers can hop from one to the other.

Trouble accessing the home computer? No problem for the hacker…your HVAC password was set and forgotten the day you installed it. Once the attacker gains access through a less secure entry point, the rest is easy.

In our digital world, staying alert is critical – especially at home – where we tend to let our guard down.

Hackers are hiding in your weakest devices – make sure you know what they are so you can monitor them proactively!

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