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Do you know your company’s security plan from start to finish? Have you actively participated in a test-run of your RECOVERY PLAN in the event of an attack?

Cyberattacks are more prevalent and sophisticated than ever before. As the threat landscape multiplies in size… YOU might be placing more FAITH in YOUR EMPLOYEES than perhaps you should be…

The challenge is growing with most of your employees working from home.

What should you be doing?? 

Employee training is now at the top of cyber security expert’s lists for preventing attacks – If you are still working on prioritizing security, you can check out the NIST’s Framework to inform cybersecurity training & awareness.

You can also check out the do’s and dont’s of cybersecurity for some DIY training.

IT decision-makers are drowning in an endless sea of to-do’s that COVID ushered in – unexpectedly. EMPLOYEES ARE THE LAST LINE OF DEFENSE – make this a priority – SOON!

P.S. Have you seen my free guide on 8 critical IT security protection your small business should implement? Download it here and fine out 8 Critical steps SMBs should be doing.