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If you have been using the Internet for a long time you will remember websites having flashy pictures and videos, this occurred because of Adobe Flash Player. Flash Player was used on a lot of sites, so many that Google included it in Chrome, but soon it will be a distant memory much like AOL’s dial-up service.

The company Adobe has set a firm date of January 12th 2021 as the official end of life (EOL).

If you recently updated Flash Player, you will have a version that will provide warnings to uninstall the application. Like all software updates to security are released, but this will be the last version/security update being released. Over the past few years Flash Player has been vulnerable to attacks on holes found in the code.

Adobe will be making every effort to warn users to remove the software.

What will most likely happen. If you go to a website and they have an ad created using Flash Player, the ad will detect your browser will view a Flash video. What you do not realize is embedded in the ad could be malicious software to attack your computer. Home users, be sure to remove Flash Player.

Businesses, if one computer on your network is running Flash Player after January 12, you risk your entire network and data to be potentially compromised. Be sure your IT consultant or IT staff remove Flash Player before this date.

With our Managed Service plans for home and businesses, we have the ability to remove outdated software as well as ensure computers and servers are update to date.

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